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Project Eight

Interactive Refraction Visualization

Control the index of refraction of a medium and its environment to see how it affects the path of light. This simulator will help you to gain familiarity with refraction, try typing in familiar indices for water, 1.33, or glass, 1.50. If you make the surroundings have a higher index of refraction than the blue-medium, then how will this change the way light bends?

This app was created using Three.js and a hand-coded implementation of Snell's Law for ray-paths.

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Project Seven

Global Temperature Anomaly Visualization

I mapped a video of the world's temperature anomalies to a sphere which successfully removed awkward 2D-mapping distortions, and one can get a much better idea of how the temperature fluctuations' move around the earth in a fairly steady manner. Feel free to compare with the original (link provided in app).

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Project Six

Sustainable Energy

App for showing the feasbility of sustainable energy sources to satisfy our home energy needs. Utilize this app to help gain a feel for how easy it is to supply energy from solar, wind, and pedal power.

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Dipole Field Image

Project Five

Visualization: Electrostatic Dipole E-Field

Visualization of the direction of the Electric Field (the direction a small positive charge would go) for the space around a dipole. Move around the scene to gain a close up look at the vector field of an Eletric Dipole.

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Project Four

EM Wave Visualization

This site depicts the waving of Electric (Red) and Magnetic (Blue) Fields. This gets students past the hurdle of visualizing this complex wave and how it propagates through space. There is attention to detail, as it utilizes the correct (ExB) Poynting-vector.

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Project Three

Planetary Visualizer

Spin your own 3D plantary globes and zoom in to take a closer look at Mars Landings, the Moon, the Eye-Of-Jupiter and more with this Planetary Visualizer.

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Sine Wave Addition Activity

Project Two

Interactive Sin Wave

I wrote an interactive transverse wave simulator for my physics students using HTML5 Canvas. Since it uses HTML5 canvas this app is viewable on phones, tablets, and on modern web-browsers.

  • HTML5
  • Three.js
  • Education Apps

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