Ever wish there was a place you can go and build robots and learn and teach stuff for fun?

Tons of such places exist, click below to find the hackerspace closest to you!

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Implementing closed-nutrient growing techniques we can accelerate plant growth as well as the plant yield per square meter to create an rapid-organic-scalable-automated-environmentally-friendly food production machine.

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Home Energy

What if all of the energy for a single household could be generated by renewable means? I have researched a number of different strategies and coded an apps for exploring how your favorite home-generating methods could combine to create the energy you need.

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Robotics Afterschool Activities

It'll blow your mind what my kids make in these sessions. Further evidence that robots indeed belong in the classroom.

We build Arduino-based robots and parts from maker-suppliers.

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Soldering and circuit-hacking at Noisebridge's Weekly Circuit Hacking Monday event. Photo courtesy of Mitch Altman.

Hackerspaces See for yourself.

These community spaces are a great resource and often host free educational events where one can learn about Programming (Python, C, Java, ...), WebDesign, Arduinos, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi's, Languages and more. Free to visit and becoming quite ubiquitous, find out what your local hackerspace has to offer : )

Not Sure how to Get Started?
I am available for Project Consulting

Have a question about how to get started towards a certain project? Suppliers for certain parts? Whether a certain technology would be more appropriate starting point for your maker's quest?

Contact me to get the support you need to help you get started.

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